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XCM XFPS SuperNova converter +  is the newest version of FPS converter! The latest function enables multi devices (like PS 4 aim gun, mouse & keyboard, flight stick, steering wheel, gamepad controller, Joystick ) to be utilized on 5 main video game consoles (PS 4 TM,Xbox One TM, Wii U TM ,Xbox 360 TM and PS 3 TM).    

Product feature:   

1.(New) Through XFPS SuperNova + can let PS 4 light gun (PS VR aim controller) compatible with any shooting games (all 5 consoles shooting game- Nintendo Switch, PS 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS 3)  , (controller mode, control with both analog sticks)

2.Keyboard and mouse works on 5 consoles (Nintendo switch, PS 4,Xbox One, Xbox 360 , PS 3 )

3.Compatible with PS 4TM/Xbox One TM /PS 3 TM /PS 3 TM slim/Xbox 360 TM / Xbox 360 TM slim/ and *Wii U TM consoles.

4.Compatible with PS4 TM / PS3 TM / Xbox One TM / Xbox 360 TM controllers and PC mouse & keyboard (without the need to connect PC), plug and Play. 

5.G29/G27/G25/MOMO/T80/HORI PS4 racing wheel/ HORI Xbox One racing wheel ,HORI-RWA racing wheel playable on (Xbox One TM , PS 4 TM, *Wii U TM and Xbox 360 TM) ACTION games.

6.Lotigech TM flight stick (EXTREME 3D PR) and Saitek TM flight stick (FLY5) playable on (Xbox One TM , PS 4 TM, *Wii U TM and Xbox 360 TM) ACTION games.

7.Compatible with PC arcade stick.   

8.Compatible with Hori TM /MadCatz TM Joystick and Joypad.

9.Compatible with Xbox One Elite TM controller, each paddle on the Xbox one Elite TM controller can be set with two different modes.

10.Can remap Joypad buttons' function to any buttons on the keyboard.

11.Compatible with 99% PC mouse and keyboard (included mice and keyboard in bundle set)

12.Adjustable mouse sensitivity from 2 extra wheels with 16 levels of adjustment for X and Y sensitivity to adapt perfectly to every mouse. 

13.Instant plug and play technology, NO NEED to connect to PC (computer).

14.Enable the rapid fire/Turbo function on controller, mouse and keyboard.

15.Enable independent rapid fire function on each game button.

16.Multi keys in one key function (macro function) can map multi keys to a signal button.

17.Super high sensitivity precision and smoothness.

18.Supports PS4 Move navigation controller.

19.Supports OFFICIAL Wiimote and Extensions, (wii nunchuck ,wii classic controller)  How to connect (video demo)


Compatible with Wii U TM Super Smash Bros.   

*Note : the XFPS SuperNova converter + only supports the Wii U™ games with the icon or  printed. (Please check the game manual before use).

備考:XFPS SuperNovaコンバータ+は 、コントローラーのアイコンの標識付きWii™又はWii U™ゲームしかサポートしない。使用の前に、ゲームの取扱説明書を確認してください。

New firmware: SuperNova__Ver1.08.dfu

What's New: 

  1. Compatible with HORI-RWA steering wheel.
  2. Supports PS4 Move navigation controller.
  3. Supports OFFICIAL Wiimote and Extensions, (wii nunchuck ,wii classic controller) 

How to connect the Wiimote with XFPS Supernova+ Converter to the console: 

   While connecting the Wiimote (original official product) to the XFPS Supernova+ Converter, ours CSR4.0 Bluetooth adapter is required.

The pairing steps are as followed (Nintendo switch console as an example):

  1. The first USB port is left empty.
  2. CSR4.0 Bluetooth adapter plugged into the second USB port.
  3. The converter is plugged into the Nintendo Switch.
  4. Press and hold the 1 and 2 buttons of the Wiimote, the Wiimote's LED light blinks. Wait until only one LED light is left ON, the pairing is successful and can be used.

How to install the firmware 

  1. Download the XCM updater – choose  Updater64 or Updater86
  2. open the Maxupdater
  3. On Maxupdater firmware choose the SuperNova__Ver1.08.dfu to update.
  4. Plug and hold the "P" key on the XFPS SuperNova + converter and plug it into the PC. After hearing a sound indication, release the "P" key and click "update" on your computer to update.

* Disconnect issue ? 

1.if you are using the converter on PS 4, please try to turn off the PS 4 controller bluetooth connection, and only connect via USB cable.

go to settings- device manager- bluetooth devices- turn it off

2.When using other controller on PS 4 console, the PS 4 controller plugs to the 1st USB port ,other controller plug to 2nd or 3rd USB port ,the PS 4 controller must be connected to the converter during the gameplay.

3.When using the Xbox One controller (by connecting with USB cable) ,please remove the battery. 


  1. PS 4でコンバーターを使用している場合は、PS 4コントローラーのBluetooth接続をオフにして、USBケーブルのみで接続してください。



設定 - デバイスマネージャ - Bluetoothデバイス - 接続を切る 

  1. PS 4コンソールで別のコントローラーを使用すると、PS 4コントローラーは1番目USBポートに接続され、別のコントローラープラグは2番目または3番目USBポートに接続され、PS 4コントローラーはゲームプレイ中にコンバータに接続されなければなりません。
  1. Xbox Oneコントローラー(USBケーブルで接続)を使用する場合は、バッテリーを取り外してください。

XFPS Supernova + converter can make it work !

Hori steering wheel (PS4/PS3) on Nintendo switch - Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled - Nitros Oxide Edition


XFPS SuperNova + converter on PS 4 on Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Keyboard and mouse/ PS VR aim controller gameplay demo.

Play PS4/Xbox One (ace combat 7: skies unknown) game with normal Logitech flight stick. 

『エースコンバット7 スカイズ・アンノウン』対応普通のロジクールフライトスティック


XFPS Supernova + converter --- bring (Old model) Hori PS2 flight stick back to life.Now it Works on PS4/Xbox One Ace combat 7 Skies Unknown 

XFPS Supernova + converter はHoriフライトスティック2 (PS 2)を再び生き返らせる.PS4/Xbox One 『エースコンバット 7 スカイズ・アンノウン』


XFPS supernova + on Super smash bros. ultimate   优酷视频

cool ! you can use the PS VR aim controller on Call of duty Black ops 4  优酷视频

Using playstation move motion controller + mouse using on Nintendo switch  优酷视频



 Using wii remote, nunchuk, classic controller on Nintendo switch  优酷视频

XFPS SuperNoova + converter on PS 4 online game (Battle operation 2)   优酷视频

XFPS Supernova + (PS 4 Taiko drum on Nintendo switch Taiko no Tatsujin ) 


XFPS SuperNova + on New Gundam breaker (PS 4)     优酷视频


XFPS SuperNova + converter on Mario tennis aces    优酷视频

 XFPS SuperNova + on God of war (PS 4)    优酷视频

 XFPS Supernova + on Far cry 5  优酷视频

XFPS Supernova + on A.O.T 2 (PS4)  优酷视频


XFPS SuperNova + on PS 4 Monster Hunter world   优酷视频

XFPS SuperNova + , PS VR aim controller on Nintendo switch splatoon 2  


 How does PS VR aim controller use on Star Wars battle front II   优酷视频

Keyboard and mouse on Nintendo Switch Odyssey   优酷视频

XFPS SuperNova + converter on Star wars battle front II

XFPS SuperNova +コンバータはPS4のStar Wars バトルフロント IIで使用するデモ.



 XFPS SuperNova + (keyboard and mouse on Nintendo Switch) (How to connect) 



 XFPS SuperNova on PS 4 Destiny              优酷视频

 XFPS SuperNova + on ps 4 Knack 2 

 XFPS SuperNova on PS 4 Agents mayhem

Yes, you can use the flight stick to play the Gravity Rush 2 
本当に! 重力ラッシュ2ゲームで飛行スティックを使用することができます.


Let's see how it works on 5 game consoles:   日本語字幕   优酷視頻

How it works on Wii u  https://youtu.be/XHdoWHBdxQc  日本語字幕    优酷

How it works on PS 4 https://youtu.be/5dldjVUs9Ks  日本語字幕         优酷    

How it works on Xbox One  https://youtu.be/8mBw_srhsH8  日本語字幕      优酷

How it works on Xbox 360 https://youtu.be/zn60M6LkXe0  日本語字幕        优酷       

How it works on PS 3 https://youtu.be/x66QpkWGPnk  日本語字幕            优酷