XCM SLIM CASE Black knight with Green LED (for Xbox 360 Slim )


For Xbox 360 SLIM, this is the ultimate case mod! 

Fully customize your Xbox 360 Slim console with this quality replacement case.

Includes all parts for full exchange of Xbox 360 Slim case to the new Black Knight Green XCM 360 case.

Full Replacement Case for your Xbox 360 Slim console! 

For 360 fans wanting a total new look of their Slim console, the XCM 360 Slim Case is the perfect choice!

Featuring a pre-cut window, smooth black color, this case also comes with built-in green LED lights.

Only compatible with the 360 Slim

Technical XCM Xbox 360 Slim Case Specifications

Full Replacement Case for your Xbox 360 console!

High Quality Black Replacement Case for the slim


How to to disassemble the 360 slim case by using the X8 tool - video tutorial  



How to install the replacement slim case- Video tutorial 



Standard Shipping- registered air mail-it takes 10-14 business days to arrive.