MaxRace F-1 v.4



Product feature:

● All G29, G27, G25,MOMO,and GT racing wheel works on Xbox one™ racing games.  
● Supports the G25,G27 Clutch function.
● Compatible with 2 types of gear shift, manual gear shift and automatic transmission gear shift
Support Force Feedback function
● Enables Rapid Fire on Wired PS 3™/Xbox 360™/Xbox one™ (connect with charge cable) controllers when connected to your Xbox one™ console .
● More sensitive and accurate
Plug and play.

Note: Remove the battery in Xbox One controller before use

English Usage Manual



The default setting on the MaxRace F-1 for manual mode gear shifter is "Push up" = A (gear up), push down = X (gear down) , this default setting does not match with all racing games, so please change the setting for each different game. Check the default gear up or gear down if it matches with the MaxRace F-1 Forza game or not, if not please check the manual  or video for further setting.

As for Forza , it has different modes for the controller to choose from, pick a mode and map the keys one by one onto the MaxRace F-1 converter and your steering wheel, it will work fine.



  1. この二つのボタンにソフトウェアの手動ランクを設定します。

注:使用前にXbox One コントローラにバッテリを取り外します

注2:Xbox One コントローラーを本体と同期した後(ガイドキーが点灯)、15 秒間待ちます、Xbox One コントローラを外し、他のデバイス今プラグイン(G29、G27、G25、MOMO、およびGTレーシングホイール、PS4コントローラ、Xbox 360のコントローラ、PS3コントローラなど)

Firmware update from Windows 7 /Win XP :

(Chose either 32bit or 64bit)

update 32bit- 

update 64bit- 


Firmware update from Windows 8

afterword download the firmware 3.4

How to download the firmware 3.4 to the device

After installed above windows (updater) firmware, (press and hold) the “一“ button on the MaxRace F-1 v.4 and plug the USB cable to PC (remember to press and hold the “一“ button ) ,when the LED light on, release the “一“ button , open the Max Updater.exe select “Choose” and start to update the firmware 3.4 now (Select the F1V4_V3.4.dfu, click “Upgrade”)

New update firmware 3.4


What’s new with 3.4 firmware

Compatible with Xbox One S 

MaxRace F-1 v.4 additional functions: 

Press the M button to swap digital letters : 

        Digital letter A : (+ and –) mode to control gear shift for The Crew and Drive Club. 

        Digital letter B : Manual gear shift for The Crew 

        Digital letter C : (+ and –) mode to control gear shift for Project cars 

        Digital letter D : Manual gear shift for Project cars 

Use Digital letter C and D for racing games with neutral gear and use Digital A and B for racing games without neutral gear for gameplay.

For Logitech G29 racing wheel on Xbox One. 

Supports New Xbox One controller (with Headphone jack)

Note 1: Remove the battery in Xbox One controller before use 

Note 2: After syncing the Xbox One controller with the console (the Guide key lights up), wait 15 seconds before unplugging the Xbox One controller, plug in other devices afterwards (G29, G27, G25,MOMO,and GT Racing wheel ,PS 4 controller ,Xbox 360 controller ,PS3 controller etc)

How to install the new firmware (video tutorial)


 MaxRace F-1 v.4 (for G27 wheel) on Xbox One game F-1 2016    日本語字幕

MaxRace F-1 V.4 on Xbox One - Trackmania® Turbo 

You are able to play this game using a logitech racing wheel with our MaxRace F-1 v.4 converter  ビデオ  优酷視頻

MaxRace F-1 v.4 - G29 on Forza Motorsport 6 Xbox one 


  New firmware 3.0 (Project car demo)    日本語字幕ビデオ   追加情報



Maxrace F.1 converter professional gameplay





New update firmware 2.0 (PS 4 controller on Xbox One)



Setting up MaxRace F-1 v.4 on Forza honizon 2

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