MaxRace F-1 episode


MaxRace F-1 episode converter is a smart device which converts all racing games from PS 3 or PC into a motion controlling game, simply connect the device onto your bike, no matter the type of bicycle you have, racing bicycle or basket bicycle even old vintage bicycle is suitable. This magnificent device turns the wheel of your bicycle into the wheel of a F-1 race car, sounds weird right? Its true! Get this gear and bike along with the F 1 racing cars now!

MaxRace F-1 episode converter consists of 3 parts, the main controller (directional sensor), speed sensor and a set of custom gaming buttons (4 pieces).

The default setting is as below:

  • Bicycle handlebar (direction sensor) = Steering wheel
  • Bicycle Pedal = Car accelerator
  • Custom gaming button 1 (allowed to customize) = Car brake pedal
  • Custom gaming button 2(allowed to customize) = Hand brake or burst of speed (nitro)
  • Custom gaming button 3(allowed to customize) = Gear up (gear +)
  • Custom gaming button 4(allowed to customize) = Gear down (gear -)









Standard Shipping- registered airmail-it takes 10-14 business days to arrive.