Maxgear Cross Trigger


1. Maxgear-Cross Trigger is an adapter that allows you to connect your Wireless/Wired Xbox 360™ controller to your PS3™/PS3™Slim/PS3™new Slim console with the ability to remap all buttons to how you want it to be.

2. Support button mapping. 

3. Can map multi-keys function into one key.

4. Built in Rapid fire function.

5. Compatible with all versions of PS3™ consoles.

6. Compatible with PS 3™/Xbox 360™ wired/Wireless controller.

7. Supports PS3™ SixAxis tilt function, can map the PS3™ tilt function to the Xbox 360™ controller Right/Left analog stick.

8. Support firmware update via PC.


Note: the official Xbox 360 wired controller is required.


Language in 日本語 Deutsch 中文 


Usage manual - English




Note: the official Xbox 360 WIRED controller is required.



Standard Shipping- registered air mail-it takes 10-14 business days to arrive.