Maxcolor Dream stick for PS 4 controller (LED thumbsticks) V.3


Maxcolor Dream sticks ver.3 for ps 4 controller.

Compatible with 3 variant of PS4- DS 4 controllers

Got bored with your dull or worn away black thumbsticks ?

How about replacing them with our Maxcolor Dream stick ?

Fully designed for your needs in clear, switchable multicolors. Wait for the color to appear and pause it to the color you like, you are able to change any time anywhere to your favorite color.

There have 7 main colors on each stick

You are able to adjust the color tone, dim to bright, more than hundreds of color combination on the two thumbsticks , set different colors on each stick, to outstand your friends controller!

Additional rapid fire function built in, get more fun, get more joy ! 

Note:Does NOT include PS 4 controller as shown.

installation manual 




Standard Shipping- registered airmail-it takes 10-14 business days to arrive.

Maxcolor dream stick v.3 demo


Maxcolor Dream stick for PS 4 controller (LED thumbsticks) V.3  (Installation guide)