DS 4 controller + Rateup shell


Pre-mod Silver DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controllers  + Rateup shell

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Built-in new Functions and feature:   

Marco programming : Can map multi-keys function into one key. (with this Marco programming, you are able to program special modes like: auto jump shot, sniper breath, dash mode etc for FPS/Fighting/Action games. Regarding to different FPS/Fighting/Action games with different setting, you are able to program without waiting for the new marco program from the PC) . 

2 additional buttons.

Built-in LED on 2 thumbsticks, changeable to any color. 

7 main colors on each thumbstick to choose from. 

Independent color on each stick. 

Adjustable color tone, dark to light, a large variety of color tones to select. 

Rapid fire function built in. 

Multi-color combination between 2 sticks to choose from. 


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