Cute beckoning cat (Maneki Neko) rubbers/erasers collection


Cute beckoning cat (Maneki Neko) rubbers/erasers collection


  • Cute beckoning cat (Maneki Neko) erasers
  • Best party, holiday gift
  • Best quality, made in Japan



blue represents trust, security, and authority

green represents luck, nature, freshness, spring, environmental awareness, wealth

Red symbolizes excitement, energy, passion, action, love

Orange represents autumn, harvest, warmth

Purple is associated with royalty, wealth, spirituality, and nobility around the world. 

white symbolizes purity, elegance, peace, and cleanliness



Made popular by beckoning cat (Maneki Neko), that are even cooler in eraser form!

6-Piece Sets


Note: Erasers are NOT edible and are NOT to be given to small children.