Maxgear Cross shot converter


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●Maxgear – Cross shot converter – for Xbox one controller on Xbox 360 and PC is an adapter that allows you to connect your Wired Xbox One™ controller  (connect with charge cable) to your Xbox 360™/Xbox 360™ Slim console with the ability to remap all buttons to how you want it to be. 

● Support button mapping. 

● Can map multi-keys function into one key. (with this Marco programming, you are able to program special modes like: auto drop shot, auto burst, active reload, sniper breath, super aim, quick scope etc for FPS games. Regarding to different FPS games with different setting, you are able to program without waiting for the new marco program from the PC) ,and of course -no need to modify or solder your controller and console. 

● Built in Rapid fire function. 

● Compatible with PC and all versions of Xbox 360™ consoles. 

● Compatible with Xbox 360™/Xbox One™ wired controller (connect with charge cable). 

● Support firmware update via PC. 

● You are able to enjoy Trigger vibration effect of Xbox one controller on Xbox 360 /PC games.


Usage manual - English

Usage manual - 日本語マニュアル





Note: the official Xbox 360 WIRED controller is required.



Standard Shipping- registered air mail-it takes 10-14 business days to arrive.