XCM Cross fire + bluetooth receiver (XCM Cross fire 4.0 + ブルートゥースレシーババンドルセット)



Five birds, one stone
One converter for 5 game consoles ! 

Functions and Features :

1. Compatible with various game consoles (Nintendo switch, PS 4, Xbox one, PS 3, Xbox 360)
2. Cross console platform controller usage. (Includes Xbox One S , PS4 slim and Nintendo switch pro controller)
3. Independent rapid fire function on every button.
4. Vibration (Rumble) Support
5. Supports WIRELESS controllers (Xbox One/Xbox 360/PS 3 wireless controller)
6.Compatible with Joystick
7. Support button remapping
8. Multi-key mapping into one key
9. Updatable Firmware
10. Compatible with Hori joystick and Mad Cadz Fightpad Pro ps3/ps4 Joystick
11. Compatible with Xbox One Elite controller, Xbox one Elite controller paddles can be set with two different modes
12. Assignable PS 4 touch pad key to another controller's button. 


Cross fire 4.0 on Nintendo Switch

Crossfire 4.0コンバータを Nintendo Switchで使用する場合

no need to doubt of Nintendo switch pro controller's value, it suits for different consoles.

そのNintendo Switch Proコントローラーの価値を疑う必要はなく、異なるコンソールに適しています



Cross fire 4.0 on PS 4

Crossfire 4.0コンバータをPS4で使用する場合

Cross fire 4.0 on Xbox One  (Cross fire 4.0をXbox Oneで使用する)