K.O Gear Round 3 Converter




Imagine how hard it is to execute a series (up to 10-20 moves) of fighting moves in a split second while playing against your rival. 

Try our K.O gear round 3 converter and burst out powerful combos with a simple press of a button. You are able to map up to 20 moves in series to a key (a total of 18 program keys available for mapping), perfectly designed in a mini keyboard shape.

With it's contoured design, the mini keyboard is suitable for both hands and supports your hand in a comfortable position. Allowing you to use your controller with conjunction with our K.O gear round 3 to easily overwhelm you opponent. K.O your competitors with the K.O gear round 3 now! 

K.O gear round 3 converter can be combined and used together with a gamepad, you can choose to play games with a gamepad and help yourself by pressing this secret weapon next to you to execute ultimate combos to free you out of danger. Get more joy, get more fun.. 

K.O gear round 3 converter is not only usable on fighting game, but on every other complex motion games, like soccer games / basketball games, FPS shooting games, action games and more. 

K.O gear round 3 converter is compatible with PS 4, Xbox One, PS 3, and the Xbox 360 consoles


Unlike other products, K.O gear round 3 converter can execute a series of combo in order! The current similar products we see in the stores only allow you to set a few buttons onto a key, simultaneously releasing all of the buttons without time delay. These products aren't suitable for fighting games at all as combo moves has to be executed one button after another, however, utilizing our K.O gear round 3 converter, all of your combos can be saved and executed according to the time you press between each button. A button for a finishing combo! Life made easy! Pick up your innovative ultimate gaming weapon now! 

Product feature:

  • Built in Combo moves/attack function on 18 Memory Buttons - Program up to a 20 button combo moves/attack to a single button to pull off devastating moves at ease! Map a series of (up to 20) moves (including direction buttons) to a signal key, a perfect fighting gear you will ever meet.
  • Not limited on any games, it could be used on fighting game, first person shooting game, action game or sport games.
  • Compatible with PS 4TM,Xbox One TM,PS 3 TM ,PS 3 TM slim, Xbox 360 TM, and Xbox 360 TM slim consoles
  • Cross platform device- Different game controllers on different game consoles
  • Enable/Disable independent rapid fire on any controller's buttons.
  • PS 4 Dualshock 4 wired controller on Xbox One, Xbox 360,PS3 (with rapid fire /turbo function).
  • Xbox One wired controller on PS 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One. (with rapid fire/turbo function).
  • Xbox 360 wired controller on PS 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One. (with rapid fire /turbo function).
  • PS 3 Dualshock 3 wired controller on PS 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One. (with rapid fire/turbo function).
  • Xbox 360 wireless controller on PS 4,PS 3,Xbox One. (with rapid fire/turbo function).(Note: must be used with the Xbox 360™ PC Wireless Gaming Receiver, Xbox 360™ PC Wireless Gaming Receiver is not included, sell separately)
  • Easy update new firmware via PC. 
  • Plug & Play. 

New firmware 1.1 : what's new : compatible with Xbox One Elite controller

How to install the firmware 

  1. Download the XCM updater – choose Updater64 or Updater86
  2. Download and install the K.O_gear_round3_V1.1.dfu
  3. after download the firmware on your PC, open the XCM Max uploader,choose the K.O gear round3 v1.1.dfu ,now press and hold the "F" button on the K.O gear 3 then plug into the PC , when you hear the notification sound, release the "F" button, and click update.


K.O ゲームパッド転換機v.3の新規仕様







 K.Oゲームパッドの転換器のv.3の新タイプがPS 4,Xbox One, PS 3, Xbox 360 の各ゲーム機に使うのです。 


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