XFPS SuperNova+ New Update File 1.06 July 17 2018

XFPS SuperNova+ New Update File 1.06:

 What's New: 

  1. Compatible with HORI-RWA steering wheel.
  2. Supports PS4 Move navigation controller.
  3. Supports OFFICIAL Wiimote and Extensions, (wii nunchuck ,wii classic controller) 

How to connect the Wiimote with XFPS Supernova+ Converter to the console: 

   While connecting the Wiimote (original official product) to the XFPS Supernova+ Converter, ours CSR4.0 Bluetooth adapter is required.

The pairing steps are as followed (Nintendo switch console as an example):

  1. The first USB port is left empty.
  2. CSR4.0 Bluetooth adapter plugged into the second USB port.
  3. The converter is plugged into the Nintendo Switch.
  4. Press and hold the 1 and 2 buttons of the Wiimote, the Wiimote's LED light blinks. Wait until only one LED light is left ON, the pairing is successful and can be used.

Maxcolor dream stick v.5 for PS 4 slim controller June 12 2018


will be released soon, this version will be compatible with PS 4 slim controller

what is the difference between PS 4 slim controller and its previous version ?

when turn on the PS 4 slim controller , it has a light bar on the touch pad


XFPS SuperNova + 1.05 new firmware for download June 05 2018


MaxRace F-1 V.7 ver2.1 firmware for download May 21 2018

MaxRace F-1 V.7 ver2.1 firmware for download ,what's new :

MaxRace F-1 V.7 ver2.1ファームウェア 

The vibration and force feedback function of the G920 steering wheel can be used on PS 4 .

Xbox One用のG920ステアリングホイールの振動とフォースフィードバック機能は、今PS4で使って操作することも可能です。

XFPS SuperNova + ver.1.04 firmware April 12 2018

XFPS supernova + new firmware SuperNova__Ver1.04.dfu
What's new: fix small bug on previous firmware version.

New firmware for MaxRace V.6 and V.7 April 05 2018




What's new : Cross device usage - Logitech Racing Wheel uses with Thrust-master Shifter (TH8A)

You are able to program the 6 buttons of G27 racing wheel.

New firmware for MaxRace F-1 v.6 and v.7 converter will be released soon. April 01 2018

What's new :

Cross device usage - you are able to use the Logitech Racing Wheel + Thrust-master Shifter (TH8A) to enhance your gaming experience.




2 new firmware released March 28 2018

MaxRace F-1 V.7  F-1_v.7_Ver1.01.dfu  

Cross fire 4.0 Crossfire4.0_Ver1.04.dfu

What's new : Compatible with Nintendo switch 5.0 new update.

How to install:

please click to the reference web page

XFPS Supernova + on A.O.T 2 (PS4) March 26 2018

PS 4 light gun (PS VR aim controller) + XFPS SuperNova + converter compatible with any shooting games January 21 2018

New firmware for XFPS SuperNova + and XCM Cross fire 4.0 




What's new?

Through XFPS SuperNova + or XCM Cross fire 4.0 can let PS 4 light gun (PS VR aim controller) compatible with any shooting games (all 5 consoles shooting game- Nintendo Switch, PS 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS 3)  , (controller mode, control with both analog sticks)

XFPS SuperNova & Cross fire 4.0 の新しいファームウェア


PlayStation VR シューティングコントローラーに対応する