XFPS SuperNova+ New Update File 1.06 July 17 2018

XFPS SuperNova+ New Update File 1.06:

 What's New: 

  1. Compatible with HORI-RWA steering wheel.
  2. Supports PS4 Move navigation controller.
  3. Supports OFFICIAL Wiimote and Extensions, (wii nunchuck ,wii classic controller) 

How to connect the Wiimote with XFPS Supernova+ Converter to the console: 

   While connecting the Wiimote (original official product) to the XFPS Supernova+ Converter, ours CSR4.0 Bluetooth adapter is required.

The pairing steps are as followed (Nintendo switch console as an example):

  1. The first USB port is left empty.
  2. CSR4.0 Bluetooth adapter plugged into the second USB port.
  3. The converter is plugged into the Nintendo Switch.
  4. Press and hold the 1 and 2 buttons of the Wiimote, the Wiimote's LED light blinks. Wait until only one LED light is left ON, the pairing is successful and can be used.