XFPS SuperNova + new firmware December 07 2017

New firmware: SuperNova__Ver1.01.dfu

What's new :Keyboard and mouse works on Nintendo Switch

How to install the firmware 

  1. Download the XCM updater – choose  Updater64 or Updater86
  2. open the Maxupdater
  3. On Maxupdater firmware choose the SuperNova__Ver1.01.dfu  to update.
  4. Plug and hold the "P" key on the XFPS SuperNova + converter and plug it into the PC. After hearing a sound indication, release the "P" key and click "update" on your computer to update.

How to use the keyboard and mouse on Nintendo switch

1.leave the 1st USB port empty OR plug in the Nintendo switch pro controller (for custom button settings) .

2.plug the keyboard or mouse to the 2nd and 3rd USB port.