XCM XFPS supernova converter (Upcoming product) September 21 2015

XCM XFPS supernova converter 

Freely swap between different game accessory! Ranging from game controllers, keyboard and mouse, racing wheels to FLIGHT SIMULATOR JOYSTICKS on PS 4, Xbox One, PS 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. 

Nowadays, every action games has evolved into different varieties, from shooting, to driving, to fighting and now flying. However, imagine the pain of playing with a controller over and over again, that isn't even suitable for the entire game! Well, here is where XCM XFPS Supernova converter shine! With our converter, you can swap gears in the middle of the game and wreck your opponents with the weapon of your choice! Change to a keyboard and mouse when shooting, swap to a racing wheel when driving, wield a flight joystick for flying! Get a feel of the virtual reality in games like GTA and Star war battle front by using realistic controller simulators instead! 

XCM XFPS Supernova Converter provides innovative advantages to switch between preferable game accessories of your choice, it comes with 4 USB ports to connect with your favorite accessories, ranging from controllers, keyboard & mouse, racing wheels and flight joysticks (more devices will be made available in the future from free firmware updates).