New product launched : XCM Cross fire 4.0 September 13 2017

XCM Cross fire 4.0 August 03 2017

Good news for gamers, We will soon release the Cross fire 4.0 , the 4.0 version will compatible with Nintendo switch, you are able to use PS4, Xbox One , Xbox 360 and PS 3 controller on Switch console, it will built in the rapid fire function as well.

Why should you choose the Cross fire 4.0 converter? Because it is the best!

Functions and Features :

1. Compatible with various game consoles (Nintendo switch, PS 4, Xbox one, PS 3, Xbox 360)
2. Cross console platform controller usage. (Includes Xbox One S , PS4 slim and Nintendo switch pro controller)
3. Independent rapid fire function on every button.
4. Vibration (Rumble) Support
5. Supports WIRELESS controllers (Xbox One/Xbox 360/PS 3 wireless controller)
6.Compatible with Joystick
7. Support button remapping
8. Multi-key mapping into one key
9. Updatable Firmware
10. Compatible with Hori joystick and Mad Cadz Fightpad Pro ps3/ps4 Joystick
11. Compatible with Xbox One Elite controller, Xbox one Elite controller paddles can be set with two different modes
12. Assignable PS 4 touch pad key to another controller's button



"XCM Smart Dock" for Nintendo Switch -- protect your screen from any scratches! June 27 2017

 We are about to launch new "XCM Smart Dock case" for Nintendo Switch

Stay tuned!


"XCM Smart Dock case" for Nintendo Switch -- protect your screen from any scratches! 

Embrace a new smart style and keep all official switch dock functions!

Features and Functions:

1.Perfectly resolves the original Nintendo Dock scratch issue, protect your screen from any scratches!
2.Embrace a new smart style and keep all official switch dock functions! (TV output, charging function etc.)
3.Act as a switch holder during gameplay.
4.Easy to install, few steps, no soldering.
5.Small size, easy to carry.

XCM Smart Dock case (XCM機械Dock台座) :

1.任天堂工場で生産したDockが ホストコンピュータのスクリーンに傷つける問題を徹底的に解決しました。 


  1. 支柱としてホストコンピュータを支え、ゲームができます。
  2. 設置しやすいです。いくつかの措置で完成できるし、溶接はいりません。
  3. 携帯しやすいです。



How does MaxRace F-1 v.6 work on flatout 4 total insanity May 13 2017

XFPS SuperNova converter + is available for sale now ! March 21 2017

XFPS SuperNova converter + February 25 2017

the new XFPS SuperNova converter + is coming soon !

XCM XFPS SuperNova converter +  is the newest version of FPS converter! The latest function enables multi devices (like mouse & keyboard, flight stick, steering wheel, gamepad controller, Joystick ) to be utilized on 5 main video game consoles (PS 4 TM,Xbox One TM, Wii U TM ,Xbox 360 TM and PS 3 TM).


Product feature:


Compatible with PS 4TM/Xbox One TM /PS 3 TM /PS 3 TM slim/Xbox 360 TM / Xbox 360 TM slim/ and *Wii U TM consoles.

Compatible with PS4 TM / PS3 TM / Xbox One TM / Xbox 360 TM controllers and PC mouse & keyboard (without the need to connect PC), plug and Play.

G29/G27/G25/MOMO/T80/HORI PS4 racing wheel/ HORI Xbox One racing wheel playable on (Xbox One TM , PS 4 TM, *Wii U TM and Xbox 360 TM) ACTION games.

Lotigech TM flight stick (EXTREME 3D PR) and Saitek TM flight stick (FLY5) playable on (Xbox One TM , PS 4 TM, *Wii U TM and Xbox 360 TM) ACTION games.

Compatible with PC arcade stick.

Compatible with Hori TM /MadCatz TM Joystick and Joypad.

Compatible with Xbox One Elite TM controller, each paddle on the Xbox one Elite TM controller can be set with two different modes.

Can remap Joypad buttons' function to any buttons on the keyboard.

Compatible with 99% PC mouse and keyboard (included mice and keyboard in bundle set)

Adjustable mouse sensitivity from 2 extra wheels with 16 levels of adjustment for X and Y sensitivity to adapt perfectly to every mouse.

Instant plug and play technology, NO NEED to connect to PC (computer).

Enable the rapid fire/Turbo function on controller, mouse and keyboard.

Enable independent rapid fire function on each game button.

Multi keys in one key function (macro function) can map multi keys to a signal button.

Super high sensitivity precision and smoothness.

Compatible with Wii U TM Super Smash Bros. 


*Note : the XFPS SuperNova converter + only supports the Wii U™ games with the icon or  printed. (Please check the game manual before use).



MaxRace Drift Gear December 04 2016

Make it real ! Play for fun !

We will release the MaxRace Drift gear very soon, stay tuned !

MaxRace Drift Gear is a physical realistic control stick for you to drift your racing car in any racing games.

Drifting through a signal button can never give you the realistic driving fun at all, using our MaxRace drift gear with MaxRace F-1 converter on Logitech racing wheel can provide you the excellent, most consistent, solid driving feel !



XCM Rateup shell November 10 2016

XCM Rateup shell for PS 4 controller will be released soon, stay tuned !


3 new firmware are available for download October 26 2016

XFPS supernovo firmware 1.2

Cross fire 3.0 firmware 2.5

Cross battle rapid fire converter 2.4


What new of these firmware:

Compatible with Xbox One S controller, PS4 slim controller and Mad Cadz Fightpad Pro ps3/ps4 controller.

XCM Black Knight upper LED case August 01 2016

We will release the XCM Black Knight upper LED case very soon, stay tuned !

Do you want to replace your Xbox One case to a shiny new gimmicky and attractive outlook ? Check out our XCM Black Knight upper LED case, this outstanding upper replacement case transforms your console into a stunning see-through mechanism with built in LED. Additionally switchable LED lights are also installed on the fan for you to choose your own favorite color, magnify your Xbox One console and impressive your friends now!