MaxRace Drift Gear December 04 2016

Make it real ! Play for fun !

We will release the MaxRace Drift gear very soon, stay tuned !

MaxRace Drift Gear is a physical realistic control stick for you to drift your racing car in any racing games.

Drifting through a signal button can never give you the realistic driving fun at all, using our MaxRace drift gear with MaxRace F-1 converter on Logitech racing wheel can provide you the excellent, most consistent, solid driving feel !



XCM Rateup shell November 10 2016

XCM Rateup shell for PS 4 controller will be released soon, stay tuned !


3 new firmware are available for download October 26 2016

XFPS supernovo firmware 1.2

Cross fire 3.0 firmware 2.5

Cross battle rapid fire converter 2.4


What new of these firmware:

Compatible with Xbox One S controller, PS4 slim controller and Mad Cadz Fightpad Pro ps3/ps4 controller.

XCM Black Knight upper LED case August 01 2016

We will release the XCM Black Knight upper LED case very soon, stay tuned !

Do you want to replace your Xbox One case to a shiny new gimmicky and attractive outlook ? Check out our XCM Black Knight upper LED case, this outstanding upper replacement case transforms your console into a stunning see-through mechanism with built in LED. Additionally switchable LED lights are also installed on the fan for you to choose your own favorite color, magnify your Xbox One console and impressive your friends now!







MaxRace F-1 v.4 enables logitech G27 , G29 racing wheel works on Xbox One Dirt Rally April 12 2016

MaxRace F-1 v.4 enables logitech G27 , G29 racing wheel works on Xbox One racing games.



MaxRace F-1 V.4 on Xbox One - Trackmania® Turbo April 01 2016

K.O gear round 3 new firmware is available for download March 29 2016

What's new:

Compatible with Xbox One Elite controller



How to install the firmware 

  1. Download the XCM updater – choose Updater64 or Updater86
  2. Download and install the K.O_gear_round3_V1.0.dfu
  3. After download the firmware on your PC, open the XCM Max uploader,choose the K.O gear round3 v1.0.dfu ,now press and hold the "F" button on the K.O gear 3 then plug into the PC , when you hear the notification sound, release the "F" button, and click update.

New firmware for XCM Cross fire 3.0 March 16 2016

What's new:

enable the rapid fire function on Xbox One elide controller 4 paddles 




XFPS SupeNova with Xbox One Elite controller on PS 4 game( attack on titan) XFPS超新星ゲームパッドコンバータ+ Xbox OneエリートコントローラはPS 4 進撃の巨人上の使用 March 13 2016




2 new firmware available for download March 09 2016